Petition Guidelines

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Petition GuidlinesPetition Guidelines

PHASE I: Petition
A petition to the Government of Canada is a useful tool to make the public and government officials aware of concern about an issue.


  1. A valid petition has to have a minimum of 25 signatures. This petition has space for 15 names per page. Two pages should be completed, in case of errors.
  2. Please print two separate sheets. (Do not print back to back.)
  3. Upon completion, deliver signed petitions to your local federal riding association office with a request that your MP present the petition in the House of Commons. Use this link to find your federal riding association office. Try to make an appointment with your MP to deliver the petition. If you can’t, give the petition to his/her assistant.
  4. If you can’t get to the office, ask a relative or friend to deliver the petition.
  5. If neither of these options are feasible, please mail the petition to the MP’s Ottawa office: House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6. (No stamp required.)
  6. Once the petition has been verified by officials, the MP will give a synopsis of it in the House, which is recorded in Hansard (the official record of Parliament).
  7. The government is obliged to reply to the MP.
  8. You can check from time to time with the MP’s office to find out when he/she will present the petition. You can also ask the MP’s office for a copy of the entry in Hansard and a copy of the reply. Follow up is important!
  9. An MP can be given the same petition more than once, with new names. Wait until the first petition has been presented, then ask him/her to submit it again. The more times the petition is presented in the House, the more attention it will get.
  10. The petition is a warm-up event to further action. Think of it as a television commercial.

PHASE II: A Debatable Motion in the House of Commons
This present government may want to avoid having to set up a Royal Commission. So the opposition – NDP and Liberal – will have to be urged to make a DEBATABLE motion in the House.

In due course, we will elaborate on Phase II and go on to discuss Phase III, political participation. There is a role for everyone to become involved in any or all of the phases.

Please contact us and let us know how the petitioning went and who your MP is. Contact us also if you are willing to participate in Phase II and/or Phase III.

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